How to backup DokuWiki?

:?: How can I backup my DokuWiki? What parts do I need to backup?

:!: Since DokuWiki does not use a database, backups are really simple. All you need to do is copy the files. The easiest way is just to backup your whole DokuWiki directory.

If you want to save some space you should at least backup the following directories:

  • data/pages - contains your current pages
  • data/meta - contains meta information about your pages (like who created it originally, who subscribed to it, …)
  • data/media - contains your current media (images, PDFs, …)
  • data/media_meta - meta data for the media
  • data/attic - all the old versions of your pages
  • data/media_attic - all the old versions of your media
  • conf - the configuration settings

You can exclude the cache, index, locks, and tmp directories.

How to restore from backup DokuWiki?

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