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WordPress Hosting WordPress hosting

Divi divi

Theme Development theme-dev

Wordpress QUERY query used for page template creation

Hooks, actions, and filters hooks-actions-filters

List hooked functions list-hooked-functions used to list hooks for editing through functions.php.

Shortcodes shortcodes

How to use WordPress functions in PHP files php-file

Escaping variable and text in WP escaping


User and Rolesuser-roles

Adding MetaBoxes meta-boxes

WP WYSIWYG / TINYMCE wysiwyg-tinymce

Functions you should know about: functions

Loading CSS/JS dynamically with shortcodes shortcodes-advanced

GUTENBERG gutenberg

WP Logout / Woocommerce PHP login-logout

Woocommerce woocommerce

GDPR gdpr

WPMock mockery

Bootstrap Hooks wp-bootstrap-hooks

WordPress React wp-react

WordPress permissions permissions

add user to DB https://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/create-a-wordpress-admin-user-for-a-wordpress-site-via-mysql-6649

Accepted plugins: accepted-plugins

Gravity Forms gravity-forms

Plugin Creation and Development plugin-dev
Plugin boilerplate: plugin-boilerplate used for making a new plugin.

OCTANE WP SETUP on WHM: octane-wordpress-setup
SSH install: ssh-install
WPCLI wp-cli

VVV vvv

SubMenu Clases with jQuery sub-menu-classes
dynamic login/logout php login-logout
[DEPRECATED]Wordpress 4.5 FIX jquery-fix

admin body class admin-body-class

checked and selected for checkboxes and dropdown admin fields admin-fields
Meta meta used for custom meta information on posts, pages, or custom post types.

multisite get_option vs get_site_option options

Resetting passwords resetting_password

Getting Started after installing a WP Instance getting-started

Import/Export posts import-export

Linting wordpress-lint

1.) Vafpress
2.) Redex framework
3.) CMB2 cmb2

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