Octane WordPress Startup Guide

Create new cpanel account to hold the domain:
octanemarketingsolutions.com/whm ⇒ (Sign In with password safe info) ⇒ Account Functions ⇒ Create a New Account ⇒ (fill in domain name, username (use clients business name, but keep the username short (8 chars)), email (support@theoctaneagency.com), and configure mail to “Automatically Detect Configuration” if the email is hosted somewhere else) ⇒ Create

Then access the new cpanel and begin creating wordpress environment:
List Accounts ⇒ Cpanel ⇒ FTP Accounts ⇒ create a new user (and drop it in pw safe) ⇒ (Log into FTP site with FTP client) ⇒ Start Wordpress file upload

Go back to cpanel and start creating database:
MYSQL Databases ⇒ (name the database name) Create database ⇒ (create MySQL user) Create User ⇒ (add user to database and allow All Changes) (select User and Database dropdown) Add ⇒ (check All Privileges) Make Changes ⇒ Go Back
Use your File Editor to connect to FTP and change wp-config.php: (change wp-config to the setting you just set up in cpanel) (also do not forget to add database info into password safe)

Log into new wordpress site by visiting the URL: (do not forget to put the wordpress info into password safe)

Once in the Wordpress dashboard:
Set Theme: Appearance ⇒ Themes ⇒ Activate
Create Homepage: Pages ⇒ Add New ⇒ Publish
Assign new home page as home: Settings ⇒ Reading ⇒ A static page ⇒ Front page: ⇒ Set to home ⇒ Save Changes
Change permalinks: Settings ⇒ Permalinks ⇒ Post Name
Change navigation menu: Appearance ⇒ Menus: Give it a name ⇒ Save Menu ⇒ Checkboxes for pages to “Add to Menu” ⇒ Check checkbox for header location ⇒ Save Menu

You need to be familiar with these plugins: http://www.plugintable.com/

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