Web Development



Javascript Javascript

PHP php

WordPress wordpress

SQL sql

AI ai
OpenAI openai

APIs api

Github General Stuff: github

Github Actions github-actions

Github Packages github-packages

Github README TEMPLATE: github-template

git pre-commit hook for linting precommit

Visual Studio Code vs-code
phpStorm php-storm
Notepad++ npp

Analytics analytics
Akami akami
ASCII ART ascii-art
Bootstrap Twitter Bootstrap
Bootstrap/jQuery CDNCDN
Font Awesome common-font-awesome
Captcha captcha
Chrome Dev Tools chrome-dev-tools
Chrome Extensions chrome-extensions

SocialBlade - Data and Analytics

Data Structures you MUST KNOW for web Dev
Dropshipping drop-shipping
History History of the internet
Page Speed Load Times page-load
Puppeteer puppeteer
Proton Mail https://proton.me/mail
RegEx regex
robots.txt robots-txt
STRIPE stripe
Web Dev Tips/Tricks/Interview questions tips
Why is my site slow Why is my site slow
Yeoman yeoman
YouTube youtube

User Generated Content UGC ugc

Heroku https://www.heroku.com/
Pusher pusher
Firebase firebase

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