The Reason why you need to learn lower level Javascript
Tips and Tricks js-hints
Common node js or terminal commands js-common
Forms forms-js
Spread operator spread

jQuery basics jquery-basics

Javascript basics js-basics

Pages under js basics that are important:
JS Strings
JS Objects
JS Symbols
JS Arrays
Operators Page
JS Functions
JS Methods
JS Getting/Setting values

JS Constructor constructor
AJAX js-ajax
For vs forEach() vs for/in vs for/of in JavaScript js-loops

Creating and Triggering Events MDN
How to attach event handlers to dynamically created elements js-dynamic-events

How to use module.exports js-modules
Linting / ESlint eslint

SSR (Server Side Rendering) VS SSG (Static Site Generation) JS https://blog.logrocket.com/ssg-vs-ssr-in-next-js/

Node JS node-js
NPM/node node

Angular angular-js
Babel babel
Prettier prettier
Backbone JS backbone-js
Underscore JS underscore-js
Lodash lodash-js
http http
Express JS express-js
NextJS next-js

Socket.io JS socketio
React JS react

Hammer JS hammer-js

Electron electron-js
FileReader JS filereader-js
matchHeight match-height
JS styleguides styleguides
Selenium selenium

Nunjucks Templating nunjucks

composer (for PHP)
NPM/node node
bower bower
Yarn yarn
Lerna lerna

ruby on rails = bundler
nodejs = npm
php = composer

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