What women / men want

nice guy, good morals and values (not too nice)
short/tall  / height preference
money / income / have a car and house, career, not lazy
funny, not boring, (has hobbies), some drama, mysterious, secretive
emotional intelligence (only up to a certain point)
no games

financial support
emotional support
nice but not too nice
not boring, exciting, some drama


treating them like shit
treating them like I don't give a shit about them
treating them like lesser people

peaceful, pleasant, not quarrelsome, doesn't nag, quiet
feminine / femininity
fidelitous, low body count
cooperative, submissive
follows your lead
finances/job/debt - low
not town bicycle
doesn't post nudes online
no sex work
not single mother
doesn't go to bars/clubs
gives head

not obese
fit, petite
big boobs, small boobs, fat ass
no plastic surgery 
no makeup / not a lot of makeup
long hair
shaves body hair
self control

men who only want one thing are pussies
I want a woman who can cook and clean and I dont have to tell her to do it
I want a woman who desires me and only me
I want a woman who is open minded, caring, and compassionate
I want a woman who is kind, fun and full of forgiveness
I want a woman who comes to me with her problems and tries to resolve them, rather than holding me accountable for something I don't even know about. 
I want a woman who I can trust to take care of my children
I want a woman who cares to work things out with me, not abandon me like every other woman has
I want a woman 

lower chance of pair bonding with the other person
higher chance of infidelity
higher chance of divorce

when women have sex they release oxytocin and when you have too many partners it is greatly diminished
highest divorce rate is in lesbian marriages, lowest are among gay marriages
What Are the 5 Love Languages?
Dr. Gary Chapman—who first hypothesized the theory of different love languages in his best-selling book, The 5 Love Languages—defines a love language as the particular way you receive and express love in your relationships. Love languages exist in all types of relationships, including those with your significant other and loved ones such as family and friends. When receiving love, you usually have one preferred, primary love language, though you may respond to more than one. The five different love languages include:

1. Acts of service: This love language centers on doing activities that make life easier or more enjoyable for the other person, such as running errands, picking up the dry cleaning, doing the grocery shopping, or other household chores.
2. Gift-giving: The love language of gift-giving doesn’t necessarily mean big, expensive gifts. It can be little things like buying your partner their favorite snack, surprising them with flowers, or making them a playlist of their favorite songs.
3. Physical touch: If you respond to physical touch, you crave physical closeness through hugs, holding hands, massages after a long day, cuddling, and even little spontaneous touches to feel loved.
4. Quality time: When you pay attention to your partner and nothing else, you give them the gift of quality time. Your entire focus is on them, intending to connect genuinely. Scheduled time together, such as a date night for just the two of you, is quality time.
5. Words of affirmation: When you tell someone “I love you” or encourage them, you use the words of affirmation love language. Dr. Chapman believes affirming words of love, recognition, and praise fill the “love tank” of whoever receives them.
1. Clean the house unprompted.
2. Get their car washed and filled with gas.
3. Help with their computer problems.
4. Look after the kids and give your partner the night off with their friends.
5. Make them a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.
6. Pack them a lunch for the day.
7. Pay the bills.
8. Plan a vacation for both of you.
9. Take care of them when they’re sick.
10. Take out the garbage.
11. Walk the dog.
12. Wash the dishes.
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