• Women sleep with who they want, men sleep with you they can
  • Men are like keys and women are like locks. A lock that can be opened by different keys isn’t worth anything, but a key that can open many locks is.
      A key that opens many locks is a good key, a lock that opens for any key is a bad lock.
      A lock that is opened by many keys is a broken lock. A key that opens many locks is a Master Key
  • Men are only as faithful as their options
  • hard times create hard men,
    hard men create soft times
    soft times creates soft men,
    soft men create hard times
    we are now around soft men and hard times
  • girls can be friends with guys but guys cant be friends with girls (this makes sense to me)
    women can be friends with men, but I don't think men can be friends with women
  • sex is about urgency, discomfort and anxiety - note from Rolo Tomassi in whatever podcast chat
  • women date men for their future, men date women for their past
  • men marry women with the hope that they will never change
    women marry men in the hope that they will change,
    invariably they are both disappointed
  • **proverbs 21:19** - Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife
  • pleasure is dopamine and happiness is serotonin
  • "the whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts" - Bertand Russel, mathmatician/logician/philospher
  • givers need boundaries because takers don't have them
  • the key to a relationship is not allowing your advantages to negate themselves
    “Let her know how I feel? Are you crazy? The last time I did that, she threw it in my face the very next time we had an argument. I felt like a fool for letting my guard down with her.”
    Women are socialized to be indirect while men are encouraged to be direct.
    Some may argue that women are often “mean” to men for “good reason.” Men sometimes do things, frequently without thinking, that really hurt women. Women remember those things. So, when they see an opportunity to hurt their partner back, they jump at the chance. Often, they do so hoping the guy will want to know why, to open a discussion about how the woman has been hurt. But only under remarkable circumstances does that strategy work. More often, like the individual in our example, a man is instantly repelled by a woman’s betrayal. The last thing he wants is a deeper discussion about her feelings.
  • if a man likes a woman, and she does not like him (but she likes that he likes her), she is going to keep playing/toying/testing you
    if a woman likes a man, and he does not like her, then she will be obsessed / likes you so much more
    if a man likes a woman, and she likes him, then eventually she is going to stop liking you and break up with you
  • known hells are preferable to strange heavens
  • the love of a man is absolute self sacrifice, and any woman who has a man knows that
  • love is a choice that you have to make everyday, I dont like my partner every day but I choose to love them 
    a lot of women leave relationships today, not because they are unhappy but because they think they can be happier
  • fear is the spare tire change that will keep you broke, 
    much like continuing to chase after a man that uses you for sex 
    and just has to "be your friend" in return. 
  • women are attracted when he is "not sure" about her
  • a mans face is his autobiography
    and a womans face is her work of fiction
  • why do men close their eyes during sex?
    because they just can't see a man being happy
  • we are not here to compete we are here to complete each other
  • Men fall in love with looks, that's why women wear make up. Women fall in love with words, that's why men lie.
i hold myself to a high standard
I'm a professional
I dont make mistakes
I know exactly how to act 
I know what to do
I do not need a woman to motivate me to convince me to put the video games down or stop smoking weed
I've done everything perfect up to now, and everything ive done by myself, I did it without you, 
my life is amazing in every possible metric, now im going to allow you to join it, and you are going to 
bend to my reality and my will
there is only one framework in which people are happy, with the man in charge and the woman trusts and respects him enough to let him be in charge
and they are a happy couple and relationship. any other type of relationship is a ticking time bomb to the end. 
so if you want a happy relationship thats what you should be aiming for

 - Andrew Tate
what do girls bring to the table?

the answer is usually replaceable by a 21 year old girl

so how are you going to keep a guy around that has options

most women provide the same thing over and over again and if they dont provide those same things over, they provide oh I have money and status

which men do not care about

So what do men care about?

Thats the scary part, women dont know.

Here is the difference between men and women, men have to understand women to attract them and know what they want.

Women, dont have to understand men or know what they wantto attract them, that is why women are able to live in bizarro world and think I'm gonna bring myself to the table and thats enoughm but the reality is this. you bring enough for sex, but not for a relationship. 

most girls have enough to attain a guy, but they dont have enough to retain a guy.

Lets say were at the club and someone grabs your ass, I'm supposed to defend you right?

What if in some bizarro world you had to tell me to go do that? How would it make you feel?

Disinterested in the man is the right answer. 

So why should I have to tell you to stop acting like a hoe, going to the club, keeping your scramble up, dressing like a whore, etc.

Easy for me to just expect men to just get it, do what they are supposed to do, adhere to their masculine born performance. But women on the other hand, oh you don't like me going to the club with my friends you dont like me talking to my exes, your insecure. 

I have to do what is right all the time, but I have to tell you to do your fucking job
if a womans emotions become her justification for doing something, then who knows what she is capable of

whats going on here, why are men navigating life using rationality, and women are looking to their emotions as a guide

in order to answer that question, we have to look at evolution and what each gender did in order to survive

for a man his survival was dependant upon his actual skills and talents, fire, big game hunting, coorporate with fellow man, shelter, warrior / soldier

when you face a wooly mamoth is charging at you, your emotions dont really matter, 

and his life experice is so high steaks that he cannot afford the luxury of indulging his emotions he has to be fact based, logical, cold, 

and over generations the more factual, logical and cold are the ones that survive and thrive

women have problems with emotional men

you've got a sweet sensitive guy, whos pissed off about the fact that it seems like 

in order to make women sexually attracted to him he needs to hide who he truly is, that sucks, he thinks, why cant I just cry in front of women or share my emotions and still be sexy

theres always a time clock on the relationship
when women pay the bills there is a shotclock
when men pay the bills they are willing to go the whole game
women have the advantage in getting sex and a relationship

women have trouble getting the relationship they want

women can share the alpha guy or they can settle on the beta bitch
women dont want a man that cheats but they love a man that could cheat
no woman wants to be with a guy that no other woman wants, or no other man wants to be
the problem with this, is that, the things that make a guy an aplha and makes him attractive 
are exactly the things that are counter to her being able to lock him down and secure him
"the extra scoop of rice" - once a woman gets with a guy that is clearly high value she will 
find ways to mateguard him and usually that's the extra scoop of rice (fatten this guy up)
women dont approach because they are afraid of rejection
if women are the ones who fear rejection why are women always the ones complaining about men not showing their emotions
men are looking for how they can put in little effort for a big return (and women feel used)

because of that women feel that they don't have to bring anything to the table anymore, and they should just be appreciated for being there
a lot of women have brought those things to the table and they have been screwed before by someone who has taken advantage of what they brought to the table
what women can offer: character morals standards loyalty intellect conversation fun livelihood
do you need to be emotionally connected to have physical intimacies

a lot of men use sex in place of emotional intimacy, so a lot of men think they are building emotional intimacy through sex, and then it turns out its the only outlet they get to experience emotions
it revolves around manipulation
we read books, men read books, all these books about game
we are trying to gain game and try to manipulate women to have sex 
when in reality we dont even want the love, we just want the sex
but it results in women falling in love because 
we are giving them the illusion of love
and when we do that we dont even want love,
but when women want the love, all we have is sex for them
whos better about commnication men or women?
usually women say women

if men are worse at communication why do so many women expect men to read their body language rather than just be direct?

are men expected to be mind readers?

is there a difference between what women say they want in a relationship and what they actually respond to?

if so, how are women better at communication?
when a  woman says im not that type of girl that means she is 
not that type of girl with you, I am that type of girl with my celebrity crush

women will make rules for the wrong man, but she will break her rules for the right one
Brixan, honest feedback, you should make people quantify the priority of subjects more often.. 

If you are going to bring up body count make sure you specify the level of importance for women is very low, but it is high priority for men. 

With pair bonding it affects women way more than men. Quantify it. Please don't forget to do this it will make the arguments more convincing.

When it comes to the 1-10 scale you need to make the differentiation that: if you lined up 100 people and got them to rate you, what would they say you are on a scale of 1 to 10. It's not based on "how you feel" inside or out. It's strictly what the average person would probably rate you. Don't leave it up for interpretation, we still know these bimbos are gonna answer 10.
if you punish the truth then you are asking to be lied to
with chemicals,

this no chemistry, hes boring stuff from girls,

I think that actually translate to, 

it doesnt trigger my anixous trama response which you confuse for love
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