Lost Ark

island of estella houses a vendor that sells recepies in a limited quantity each week

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Farm your daily chaos dungeons… It's a no brainer…10 min for 2 chaos is worth the mats it gives you. It gives you EVERYTHING you need. If you are max rested USE YOUR RESTED!

1.) Chaos Dungeon shard vendor usually near the chaos dungeons - you can farm chaos dungeons for the shards to turn in (infinitely in Tier 3).
2.) The boats in ALL the ports - you trade gold coins for these mats, limited amount can be traded weekly.
3.) Guild bloostone vendor - you trade bloodstones for these mats, limited amount can be traded weekly.
4.) Events vendors - Akrasia Race event - you do the race to get tokens and do chaos, guardians, abyssals, or anything really for more tokens and turn them into the Arkesia Token vendor for mats, limited amount can be traded weekly.
5.) Events vendors - Guardian event - If you do the guardian event with three guardians you get winter tokens and you can turn them in at the winter token vendor, limited amount can be traded weekly.
6.) PVP Vendor - Turn in token into the PVP vendor for honing mats as well, limited amount can be traded weekly.
7.) Anguished Isle - go there and do a quest, get repeatable daily, gives key to dungeon, dungeon rewards are random material, vendor has leapstones and engraving books, every char can do separately



MARCH 4, 2022

Platinum Complimentary Skin Chest - 68,887

Platnium Complimentary Weapon Skin Chest - 29,995 GOLD

Limited Lawmaker Skin Selection Chest - 12,500

Limited Lawmaker Weapon Skin Selection Chest - 7.900
Zeusie - bard
Zeusly - paladin
zeuseyy - artillerist
Zeuzey - sorc
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