DJI 03 Air Unit

A Beginner's Guide to DJI O3 Air Unit

DJI O3 Air unit controller compatibility

There is no best FPV drone. Start with a goal, then you have to make decisions about what you want/need.

Most of the time people are talking about 5” freestyle drones. I’m also going to assume by your question that you’re new to the hobby. So based on that here are some ideas of what to look for.

Buy 2 TBS Source One frames I think the latest version is V5 but there might be newer ones, they are cheap and good enough that it won’t make a difference in the beginning, and you can get one to build and one for spare parts. A $90 frame won’t make you a better pilot.

Next go on rotorbuilds and look up what other people have built with that frame to get ideas.

Motors: I’d go with 2306 or 2207 size with between 1700-1800kv, EMAX Eco II are great beginner motors. They are really cheap so you can buy a couple spares with the money you save from buying $25 motors. Again expensive motors won’t make you any better of a pilot.

FC/ESC: Speedybee is a solid choice, make sure to get a stack with the FC and ESC as separate boards. Not an AIO that has them together as one board, they are not very durable and can introduce other issues.

Get yourself a Radiomater Boxer or Zorro ELRS version and EP1 receiver.

These suggestions are a baseline to get you in the air and learning, from there, over time you’ll learn what you like and what you dislike and will be able to build specific rigs to your style. Just remember there is no “best” at everything, just someone’s opinion of what is best for a purpose. Building is all about trade offs, and in the beginning you’re going to crash a lot and break things, so buy cheap, break things and learn. Later once you have a better idea of what you like, then decide of you want to spend more money on expensive parts.

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I have 5 dji quad, all with Crossfire. Just Cut the Sbus and Gnd wire on the DJI cable and solder your own receiver.

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