Cover Letter

I'm an advanced PHP/WordPress developer with tons of knowledge on how to provide scalable, tightly integrated, well managed projects to several different environments. Highly skilled in vagrant, VVV, AWS, IIS, etc. I've worked with teams to move them entirely from grunt to gulp or vice versa, I've improved the CI/CD pipeline to improve releases and deployments of code for a large team and complicated code base, I've completely revamped team's build processes and Jenkins deployments, code linting setup for both JS and CSS, and improved upon non-existent or very minimal documentation for both developers and users on both the development and business end of support. Not only have I done a lot in system admin and dev-ops but I've been a lead developer for a team working directly for the CDC to provide a highly customized version of WordPress for the site. I've worked with a XWP team member in the past and hope to one day work with your team. 

- Jim
I’ve helped perform interviews to hire employees, helped onboard those newly hired employees, developed documentation and revamped the onboarding system, assign tasks and tickets to team members through JIRA and been involved in standups and resource allocation, I’ve been a github repository maintainer/admin and done code reviews and pull requests for deployments, I’ve also been managing those deployments, and I’ve also trained employees on complicated subjects like how to use React, how npm is used for managing our dependencies, and/or how to setup their development environments. 
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