4 Runner

Spc uca - upper control arms - need to look into this

TPMS sensors - I need to replace two.

AC blower motor/modules - I need to fix this.
power steering fluid leak small line from reservoir

oil drain plug leak

transfer case leak - case union

TPMS light
I had a tire rotation and alignment done
replace serpentine belt
brake fluid and power steering fluid exchange
oil change

FB post

Thanks for the add, it only took me 6 months to post. Here is my (brand new to me) 2004 Toyota 4Runner 4th gen 4.7L V8 4WD, bought with 152k miles on it in May. Only three owners before me and came from Maryland (2004), lived in virginia for a while (2014 - 2019). 

I took it by Greer, Cobb County Toyota, and Christian Brothers automotive and got an inspection from each shop and although the frame has been sprayed there seems to be no visible rust on the frame. I inspected it before purchase (got up under it while jacked up) and took a hammer to some spots to confirm no rust.

I plan on using Greer going forward, but I do a lot of the work myself as well. I already had the timing belt replaced even though it says it was replaced in the original FB marketplace ad, and just did the rotors and pads myself to fix a wobble in the rotors. Fluids have all been flushed and topped off, and filters replaced. It has been well taken care of since I bought it. I do hear a ticking when taking off from 0-60mph on a cold start, so I imagine I will need Doug Thorley headers eventually (anyone can tell me which one I need for my 4.7L v8? Not sure if long/short matters).

So far I've added:
Victory 4x4 roofrack
Rifle case mounted to rack for storage
AVS rain guards/vent shades
canvasbacks for the rear seats
skeeterbeater cover for the rear tailgate
window vents for the rear doors and the rear hatch
Victory 4x4 latter 
Oh and of course the NAPA awning, duh.
DEMELLO Front bumper with three hoops is on the way, should be in ATL this week. Yes, I know my bumper is messed up in the pictures.  

Just fixed the rear drivers side door handle which was a nightmare since I accidentally closed the door when child lock was enabled. Yes, I had to get the panel off while the door was closed, can confirm it is possible. 

I plan on replacing the radio next, some tint, and new calipers. Gonna fix the dash (cracked) and headlights (upgrade) soon as well. Yes, Yes, I know I need new shoes and suspension probably :)

Any other ideas? I saw the mods for the backlight on the temp controller and the mod for speedo. 

Also have a 2004 Toyota Camry I bought from a friend @52K miles and it only has 106K now. Used to have a Jaguar XJ8 pimped out, but she died a very sad death (threw a rod) rip 2018.

Original FB Marketplace Post if you want to see more pics (or just ask me):

Thanks again for the add, and any additional info you guys can give me.
- Jim 
Bud Built skid plates:

Rock Sliders:



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