For general Command Line (CLI) basics: ssh
Linux Commands linux-commands
Common linux commands commands

Grub grub

VQDEV AWS EC2 Instance Setup vqdev-aws-setup

Ubuntu/APT Install scripts ubuntu
CentOS/YUM Install scripts centos

LEMP stack lemp

xrandr stuff xrandr

CUDA on linux nVidia drivers nvidia

How to write bash shell scripts bash-shell-scripting
bash.rc bash-rc

Ubuntu Recovery Terminal ubuntu-recovery-terminal

Zsh zsh

Ubuntu Errors ubuntu-errors

Ubuntu track temperatures

Text Editors:
VIM vim

Terminal applications:
T-mux t-mux

Version Control:
Git Commands: git

Conky conky
Cool Terminal Stuffterminal

HTML2Wiki and HTML2Text html-converters

How to add a Environment Variable to your path path
How to setup an alias

How to pipe the contents of the terminal output to a file pipe-output
&</dev/null dev-null

Old TP Dev Env Setup tp-dev-env

adb devices
adb shell
settings put global wfc_ims_mode 2

google pixel fix for wifi calling preferred

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